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Wicomico Day School is a private, independent school located in Salisbury, Maryland.  Our mission is to provide strong traditional education in a warm, friendly environment stressing family involvement.  We offer programs for children ages six weeks through eighth grade.
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Green School Jeans Day - Jan. 23

THIS FRIDAY, January 23rd, is Green School Jeans Day.

Wear jeans and a green shirt for $1 to support our efforts for Lifetime Renewal as an Official Maryland Green School.


Book Swap

Bring in books you are finished reading!  Take home books you can’t wait to read!

Drop off gently used books January 12-16 in the Elementary Lobby.

K-5 through 8th grade students can drop off books in the labeled bins in the lobby.  Bring in as many books as you would like to contribute. 

Adopt books January 19-20.

Students will be able to adopt books and take them home.  Any books that aren’t adopted will be offered to the teachers for their classroom libraries. 


January Calendar

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Extra! Extra! The latest "Otter News" is out!

Extra! Extra! The January edition of "Otter News" is out!

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Click here to get December's copy!


Harlem Globetrotter Benches Bullying

From WMDT Channel 47:

Harlem Globetrotter Benches Bullying

SALISBURY, MD - When a Harlem Globetrotter comes to town, it usually means you're going to see an high-flying blend of acrobatics and basketball. But on Friday at Wicomico Day School , one Globetrotter also brought along a message about bullying.

Between Harlem Globetrotter Handles Franklin's fancy tricks, were anti-bullying tips.

"We try to do something to captivate the audience, but also, most importantly, hammer home the message[of anti-bullying]. One that they can remember," says Franklin. That message being the A-B-C's of bullying prevention; Taking action against bullies, being brave enough to speak up, and compassion for those without friends.. Franklin's fun filled approach is what WDS administrative assistant Tamika Bailey says will make the message stick.

"It wasn't just sitting in a classroom and reading about it. It was interacting and discussing it. We always notice in education that the more involved the student is, the better they retain the information and the longer they carry it with themselves," says Bailey.

And while one student told me he had never seen bullying happen at his school, across the country, nearly 1 in 3 students report being bullied during the school year, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics. So should it happen in the future, they will know what to do.

"If we can instill in the kids that bullying is not the right thing to do and methods that they can use to stop it, I think our world will be better," says the Globetrotter.